New Music on 2SER 23/09/19

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Sui Zhen – Losing Linda (FEATURE ALBUM)

Cool Sounds – More To Enjoy
Dande and The Lion – Twilight Highway EP
David Kilgour – Bobbie’s a Girl
Hiss Golden Messenger – Terms of Surrender
Molly Sarle – Karaoke Angel
Twen – Awestruck
Vivian Girls – Memory

Georgia Mulligan – Mirror
Amaringo – Sacred
Wilco – Everyone Hides

Indie-pop outfit Cool Sounds have released their third album ‘More To Enjoy’ and its breezy and care-free soundscape is most certainly enjoyable. With infectious bass grooves, intertwining counter melodies, experimental percussion and dynamic synths, the band’s 70’s soft-rock inspired style is undeniable. The Melbourne-based rockers have described the album to be about ‘ the complex nature of friendship and loyalty in difficult circumstances’, however, the band’s articulation of that theme comes across as somewhat lighthearted and joyous.

American folk band Hiss Golden Messenger are back with their 9th album ‘Terms Of Surrender’, with tight instrumentation and their message as timely as ever. The album is introspective and thoughtfully crafted, held together by lead singer M.C Taylor’s heartfelt lyricism alongside subtle melancholic instrumentation. Delving into themes of complex emotions, inner conflict and questions, the band is far from slowing down anytime soon.

Brooklyn-based trio Vivian Girls have released a reunion record titled ‘Memory’. The album is Vivian Girls’ 4th record and features racing guitar lines, driving drum beats and three part harmonies. ‘Memory’ intensely focuses on personal reflections on toxic relationships, the false promise of new love, mental health struggles, and finding ways to accept oneself amidst it all. There is also an element of ambiguity, that ties all the songs together by through their eccentric and enigmatic character as band.


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