New Music on 2SER 23/11/20

Image by: Marcelle Bradbeer 

Welcome to the new music review where we connect you with some of the best new music spinning on Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs.


The Bats – Foothills (FEATURE ALBUM)

The Finalists – First
Gregor – Destiny
Hachiku – I’ll Probably Be Asleep
Kelley Stoltz – Ah! (etc)
Le Pie – A Room of One’s Own
Something for Kate – The Modern Medieval


Dominic Breen – Lovelost
Lady Lyon – Surf’s Up
Oyobi – Don’t Let It Go to Your Head
Romero – Troublemaker
Tele Novella – Words that Stay
The Weather Station – Tried to Tell You

Anika Ostendorf (aka Hachiku) originally came to Melbourne as an exchange student while studying Biological Studies in London, but quickly quit and joined Milk! Records as an intern after falling in love with the city’s music scene. In the years since, she’s been building a reputation as one of this country’s most interesting indie-pop musicians through a string of singles and EPs; but has only now released her debut album, I’ll Probably Be Asleep. Ostendorf melds the intimacy of bedroom pop with the weirdness of internet culture as she sings songs of love, grief, and depression over cheap Casio keyboards, distorted guitars, and tinny drum machines. It’s a sound that recalls the music of Katie Dey and Owen Ashworth, but could never be mistaken as anything other than Ostendorf’s own unique voice.

Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Gregor Kompar has made a career for himself as a sideman – either playing bass in Laura Jean’s live band, or contributing vocals to Sweet Whirl’s recent album How Much Works. In recent years, however, he’s struck out on his own: first, with his 2018 debut Silver Drops, and now with Destiny. Like a slacker version of the Blade Runner soundtrack, Kompar’s sophomore effort is a vibey, late-night jam that twists and turns ‘80s cliches (crunchy guitar solos, soft synth lines) on its head. You can hear Kompar’s tongue stuck firmly in his cheek each time he blows another saxophone solo, but the pure joy and playfulness of his songs will ultimately win over any hardened listener.

Sunday 22nd of November, 2020

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