New Music on 2SER 29/11/21

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Bitumen – Cleareye Shining (FEATURE ALBUM)

Dianas – Little Glimmer
Dr Sure’s Unusal Practice – Remember the Future? Vol 2 & 1
Joshua Moriarty – Melancholia
Pirritu – Pirritu pt 1
Plus Side – A Couple of Slick Lines and the Kitchen Sink


Arms Akimbo – Dig
Chris Coleman and The Great Escape – Paloona
Club Camel – Keeping me Up
Gimmy Flowens – Vulnerable
Gyrate – Insufficient
Elsy Wameyo – Nilotic
King Hannah – All being fine
Pinch Points – Anxious
Tallies – No Dreams Of Fayres
Wauwatosa – FF

Following up their twin 2020 EP’s “Scomo goes to Hawaii” and “While Aus Burns”, “Remember the Future? Vol 2 & 1” is a heady mix of post-punk, post-modern cynicism and catharsis from Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice.

Fronted by Dougal Shaw, the robotic rock surrealism on display invite ready comparisons to Devo and TISM, and it’s a high energy trip right through.

The tight and insistent arrangements of frenzied guitars, keys and drums drive things, as they attempt to make sense of the current news feed. Loaded with humour, it confronts and irreverently tears through a landscape of media manipulation and capitalist collapse.

In singing the news, an ethos loosely borrowed from Woodie Guthrie, the music intentionally serves as a filter and a coping mechanism for viewing our dystopian times. We’re living it with them.

Highly recommended and out now on Marthouse Records.




Formed ten years ago in Perth, the Diana’s describe themselves as  “…a drunken conversation between friends that never ended”. Now based in Melbourne/Naarm, the trio’s third album is lyrically pervaded with a sense of heartbreak and loss.

Yet their intelligent song writing, powerful reverb-laden instrumentalism, and intricate rock arrangements gelling with furious rhythms do offset the sorrow.

This was originally composed remotely via voice memos and garageband before the band could finally meet and lay down the final versions in person, alongside producer James Cecil (Totally Mild, The Goon Sax).

Little Glimmer is out now via Heavy Machinery Records




“A couple of slick lines and the kitchen sink” is the debut album from Sydney based duo Plus Side, aka Luke Bozzetto and Cameron Whipp.

The charming ad-hoc nature of this belies the experience behind this, with the pair having worked previously under everyone from the Decimals and Angus and Julia Stone.

Recorded at their parents house in Southwest Sydney, their first outing serves up a relay of conscious expressions of Sydney life in 2021, set against Rap, Punk, Funk and Hip Hop inspired spaces and places.. Jazz-Funk references abound throughout.

The potent songwriting is nevertheless underpinned by a playfulness and decency, and this is definitely an excellent independent release and out now.



Sunday 28th of November, 2021

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