New Music on 2SER April 17, 2023

Read on for all the new music hitting your 2SER airwaves this week across our Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs:


El Michels Affair & Black Thought – “Glorious Game (OS) Feature Album
boygenius – the record (OS)
Dead Horse Beats – Moon Mist EP (OS)
Lachlan Denton – Furnishings (AU)
Philippa Nihill – Find her way (AU)
Proc Fiskal – RT Hon EP (OS)
Terry – Call me Terry (AU)
The Holy Soul – Get Old ! (L)
Uh Huh – Uh Huh (OS)
Wednesday – Rat Saw God (OS)


African Head Charge – Microdosing (OS)
Ellen Soffe – Friend of mine (L)
Flasher – Eastern Ave (OS)
Indigo de Souza – You can be mean (OS)
Melati ESP – Energi (OS)
Milo Hunter – Polar End Kind (L)
Minor Conflict – White Ring Binder (OS)
Simon Robert Gibson – You look good in a T-Shirt (L)
The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra – Nunc est Bibendum (AU)
The Sunfruits – Better off dead (L)


(L)Local, (Au)Australia, (OS) Overseas


We are blessed with some incredible local releases once again this week, starting with the fourth studio album from  much-loved local four piece The Holy Soul (Trent Marden, Jon Hunter, Kate Wilson and Sam Worrad).
Produced by Robyn Hitchcock (of The Soft Boys), GET OLD! is a feast of harmonic and pulsing jangle-rock , that brings in healthy doses of psychadelia and is inspired by suburban legends, getting high, lost friends, vague memories and many happy accidents found while jamming and travelling.

Lachlan Denton returns with  characteristically excellent songwriting on Furnishings – a deeply personal record dedicated to different members of Lachlan’s immediate family in an attempt to say the things that could so easily go unsaid before we ever get the chance. The other half are reflections on self, the environment, and life in an ever changing world, as well as documenting his shift from music to furniture making in the aftermath of the sudden passing of his brother Zac. Standout tracks such as You and Lose gave a taste of what is a brilliant and deeply touching record from the ever-prolific member of the Ocean party member (plus Partner Look, Ciggie Witch, Studio Magic and more).

Another long-term favourite of 2SER’s from Melbourne are Terry, who are back with Call me Terry, their fifth album. It’s a real grower here, with fuzzy earworm melodies, sharp guitars and bouncy rhythms roll right through on this extremely catchy album that deadpan scrutinises Australia’s corrupt, colonial history as well as the privilege and entitlement of white, wealthy Australia.


Member of the Underground Lovers Philippa Nihill is back with her second solo album – Find Her Way. We loved the singles here and the full LP lands with much the same qualities – an excellently crafted record, both lyrically and sonically, with lush orchestral flourishes coming across steady rhythmic piano driven indie-folk songs about the changing of time and lived experiences.

Further afield, the debut record (titled The Record) from American supergroup boygenius has landed with beautifully constructed rock and folk sounds that harness the formidable songwriting talents of it’s members (Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus) into a multi-layered and incisive whole, taking on philosophy, love loss and patriarchy.

And heading north even further, a real gem out of Toronto comes via the self-titled debut from Uh Huh (a.k.a the band formerly known as Teenanger). It’s a blissed out one, with sonically deteriorated post-punk and dub sounds that drive through tripped out and liquid guitars, horns and effected drums.

There are some stunning new singles from Sydney artists including Ellen Soffe, Milo Hunter, Simon Robert Gibson and much more.

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