New Music on 2SER December 12 2022

Welcome to the new music review, where we connect you with some of the best new music spinning on our Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs.


Buzz Kull – Fascination (L) Feature Album
Ezra Allen – Summer of George (AU)
Lelend Whitty – Anyhow (OS)
Mynolia – All things heavy (OS)
Somnium – To be is to be perceived (AU)
Taylah Carroll – I’m not sold (AU)

The Moderate Themes – A movie I used to love EP (L)


Bumpy – Hide and Seek (AU)
Def Wish Cast – Circle Round (L)
Highschool – Only a dream (AU)
Jehst – One Horse Town (OS)
Jen Cloher – Being Human (AU)
Kid Pharaoh – British Museum
Lora Keet – Oracle (L)
Martin Frawley – This is gonna change your mind (AU)
MFV – Barnburner (L)
Nasaya – Reves (OS)
Oblique Occasions – Soul Falls (OS)
Orphan – For a Friend (L)
Raiza Biza – Get Money (OS)
Sampology – Rain (AU)
The Coffins – Wayward Man / Terry (AU)
Tristan Courtney Prior – Elevator (L)

(L)Local, (Au)Australia, (OS) Overseas

Heading into holiday season the new music keeps on rolling, and this week is no exception.

First up, we have the 2SER Feature album for this week, Fascination by Buzz Kull. This is the third album from local Sydney musician, Marc Dwyer and is for fans of the Cocteau Twins, New Order and Molly Nilsson. These energetic synth and darkwave tracks are ones for the dancefloor or even the drive home. Reminiscent of 1980s EBM and electronic music, with dance energy often giving way to more introspective ambient pieces. Read the full album write-up here and check it out.

Also, this week we had the second mixtape from Melbourne-based beatmaker, Ezra Allen titled the Summer of George. This spoken word style combined with the chilled and blunted hip hop beats covers serious topics like depression, masculinity, and growing up mixed in with a few iconic Seinfeld references. In collaboration with big names like Hugo Lee and Sam Swain, this album is one to listen out for on rotation this week.


Across the genre bridge, we also had the debut solo album titled Anyhow from Jazz Multi-instrumentalist Leland Whitty. Based and styled on 70’s/80’s easy listening jazz, Whitty provides an edge through the weaving of fuzz guitars, and multilayer synthesisers and pulls it all together with tight melodic shifts. If you’re a fan of the likes of Surprise Chef and Makaya McCraven, this is the album for you.


For all fans of Psychedelic Rock, you’re in for a treat this week with a hot new album from Adelaide Based trio, Somnium. Their second album To Be Is To Be Perceived, is a free-flowing and psychedelic prog-rock album for all fans of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Tame Impala, Mild High Club and the Lazy Eyes. Powered by funky basslines and a notably hazy feel, this is an album to keep an ear out for.

Heading local, we had the debut EP titled A Move I Used to Love, from Sydney duo, The Moderate Themes. This new and refreshing indie-pop EP encapsulates both the existential terror of impending doom and the downward slide in modern life. Full of musical spontaneity and fresh sounds, it is a charming release and one to watch.

Finally, we had the latest EP from Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, Taylah Carroll. Her new EP titled, Have A Party on Me, is a dreamy pop and alt-folk EP that slowly builds in emotional intensity, full of low-slung rhythms and meaningful lyrics, this album is an impactful slow burn.

When it comes to singles, there is an abundance of new tracks to get us through the holiday season.

For all Hip-Hop fans, we have a hot new track by the local Western Sydney group, Def Wish Cast. This high-energy track titled Circle Round is one to keep an ear out for on the airwaves this week.

Rap and Hip-Hop fans are spoiled for choice with a new single titled One Horse Town from English rapper Jehst, as well as the new single British Museum from Illawarra-based Kid Pharoh. Raiza Biza also dropped her newest single, Get Money.

This was quite a week for local artists, with Lora Keet’s newest single Oracle. Orphan‘s dynamic single, For a Friend, as well as MFV’s hottest track, Barnburner. Rounding off local acts we also had rock band, Tristan Courtney Prior’s newest single Elevator.

Highschool’s newest single, Only a Dream is a lo-fi indie track that hits all the right spots. This is such a solid track that leaves you wanting more and more of Highschool.

For all dance of dance music, there were a few new singles from not only Australian artists, but also overseas. We had the hot new single Reves from Nasaya, and Rain from Meanjin-based artist, Sampology.

We also have the debut singles from the hot new Naarm group, The Coffins. The high-impact tracks titled Wayward Man and Terry are full-bodied and exciting. Keep an ear out for these singles on rotation, they’re a must for fans of bands like Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers and WAAX. You’ll be hooked.


There was also the unique new track Soul Falls, from the vaporwave group Oblique Occasions.


And finally, we had the newest single Hide and Seek from Noongar woman, Bumpy. Her soulful vocals and smooth rhythm are some to keep your ears open for this week.


As you can tell, 2SER listers are in for a treat with these hot new tracks being added into the rotation this week.

Tune into 2SER 107.3 and keep an ear out, you won’t want to miss these.



Monday 12th of December, 2022

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