New Music on 2SER November 21, 2022

Welcome to the new music review, where we connect you with some of the best new music spinning on our Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs.


Crocodylus – Muscle Memory (L) Feature album
Acid Klaus – Step On My Travelator (OS)
Badge Époque Ensemble – Chance of Reign (OS)
Elizabeth M Drummond – Congratulations EP (AU)
Garrett Saracho, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad – Jazz is Dead (OS)
Sault – Aiir, Earth, Today & Tomorrow, Untitled (God), 11 (OS)
Soaked Oats – Working title (OS)
These New South Whales – TNSW LP (AU)


Andy Shauf – Wasted on you (OS)
Buzz Kull – Fascination (L)
Ellen Soffe – Tomb of the Prince (L)
Jen Cloher – Mana Takatāpui (AU)
Laure Briard – Ciel Mer Azur (OS)
Nakhane feat Perfume Genius – Do you well (OS)
SEJA – All your sorries (AU)
Subsonic Eye – Hurt your head (OS)
The Sunken Sea – Is it living? (AU)
Wildfire Manwurrk – Don’t smoke (AU)
(L)Local, (Au)Australia, (OS) Overseas

Words by James Fitzgerald Sice

Albums and EPs

Every week is a great week for new music on 2SER.

First up is this week’s feature album, Muscle Memory, the sensational debut album of Northern Beaches three-piece, CrocodylusMuscle Memory proudly displays just how much musical growth Crocodylus have been through since their earlier, more punk-inspired tracks like “Adrenaline” or “Where you going”. This album is laced with powerful and energetic psych-rock and is a must-listen for any fans of King Gizzard, The Murlocs, or the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

A reimagining of their debut 2019 album, Badge Époque Ensemble has released Clouds of Joy: Chance of Reign this week. Filled to the brim with free-flowing sample-rich hip-hop and solid muffled basslines which combine to create a headbobbing tapestry of rhythmic patterns and almost hypnotic beats which create the perfect soundtrack to walk through the city or ride the bus on a Saturday night.

Elizabeth M Drummond has released a new EP straight out of Naarm this week. Congratulations is the perfect album to leave your worries behind and float into an ethereal soundscape of tight melodic progressions and poignant lyrics. The 6-track EP takes you on a succinct journey that explores the intricate and ever-changing emotions of love. You will be hearing more of Elizabeth M DrummondCongratulations is a must-listen for fans of Pheobe Bridgers, Big Thief, Wet Leg, and Joni Mitchell.

Across the ocean in Los Angeles, we also have new music from Garrett Saracho and various other legendary jazz musicians. Jazz is Dead 15 is the latest collaborative LP release in the JID series. Saracho was a recording artist signed to highly acclaimed Impulse Records back in the 70s but due to an unfortunate mix of “label mismanagement” and “geopolitical intervention” his 1973 solo record ‘En Medio’ went largely unnoticed. But now he is back and once again showcasing his musical genius in the expertly performed fusion of Latin Soul, Funk, and Psychedelic Jazz, which is so present in Jazz is Dead 15. From the raw studio recording to the casual chatter of bandmates the sheer musical calibre of this album acts as an oxymoron to its title.

Working Title is the debut full-length LP from the up-and-coming Dunedin quartet Soaked OatsWorking Title offers a diverse range of musical stylings from charged uptempo indie rocking anthems to jazzy and tripped-out psych-jams to slower and softer songs that will have you gazing out the window of a car on a rainy road trip. For a band that is usually known for its cheery up-tempo sound and endearing live performances, Working Titledisplays an introspective side to Soaked Oats. 

These New South Wales have released their eagerly anticipated third album TNSW this week and right off the bat it explodes with unapologetically kick-ass punk that is enough to get any good crowd rioting in a writhing pile of glistening sweat and booze. TNSW oozes sharp, energetic and rousing pop-punk with an anthemic feel throughout and uptempo soaring guitar-led tracks coming thick and fast – any fan of The Chats or Skeggs will absolutely eat TNSWup. 



Canadian singer/songwriter has released Andy Shauf released Wasted on You this week, a single from his upcoming 2023 album. Filled with the gentle and sunny feel that defines Andy Shauf’s music, Wasted on You is a misleadingly simple melodious folk single that is definitely worth 3 minutes and 35 seconds of your time.


Also released this week is Don’t Smoke from hard rocking Arnhem Land group Wildfire ManwurrkWith some fast shredding guitar, a catchy chant-able chorus, and even a didgeridoo, Don’t Smoke has a distinctly outback Aussie rock feel that will have you head banging in no time. Look out for their EP coming out sometime in November!


Local Sydney artist Buzz Kull has also released a new single from of his upcoming album (of the same name) this week. Fascination is an entrancing darkwave single that has a slight 80s flavour to it which makes it perfect for late-night dancing at the club.

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