NEW MUSIC to start your week off!

Get to know four of our newest hits this Monday morning with Andrew Khedoori as he chats with Nic in the studio.

Penguin Cafe is up first with their album release Imperfect Sea. We discuss their track Ricercar and how their generational music style follows in the footsteps of Penguin cafe Orchestra.

Next is Joan Shelley’s fifth, self-titled album. Incorporating an old folk vibe, she addresses universal issues through her songs. Her contemporary music connects with the audience and we share a sneak peek of her new track Where I’ll Find You.

Giving you a listen to his fresh track Ten Steps, Indie artist Matt Toohey has gone solo with Kid Cornered and the Ice Chest Orchestra with his album Loopholes. His songs create a warm, soft and hypnotic feel, forming a blissful and magical wall of sound.

Winning the artist and album title of the week, Salami Rose Joe Louis’s new EP Zlaty Sauce Nephew shares a lovely, slow rolling electronic soul pop feel. We leave you to soak up her beautifully written track.  

If you want to hear more about the tunes we’ll be playing throughout the week, head over to the SERvin’ up page.

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