New Music With Steph Liong

Monday means more new music with Steph!

Starting your Monday morning bright and early is something completely out of the ordinary listening sphere: a clean cut straight from Cairo, Egypt circa 1950 – 60.  Belgium based label; Radio Martiko has tapped into the rich culture history of Cairo through their latest collective effort: “ZAMAAN YA SUKKAR”. The collection is a smorgasbord of colour and genre, which swings from swing to mambo to Bollywood orchestral, weaving genres with ease. The featured track, Fatouma – “Salim El Baroudi” is a sultry blend of middle eastern and classic Bollywood sounds.

Melborune’s MOJO JUJU is back with a deeply personal 3rd record entitled “Native Tongue”. The album is an eclectic mix of soul, RnB, Blues and Hip-Hop, which projects MOJO’s struggles growing up as a queer person of colour, highlighted in the featured track “Never Again”.

Ending new music today is British band Tunng. Their 6th album, ‘Songs You Make at Night’, sees the band revert to their original line-up of 15 years ago. Their ability to invoke emotion is still present through their trademark fusion of idyllic acoustics and electronic synths, omnipresent through the featured track ‘Crow’.


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