New Music with Steph Liong

New music back to get your week off to a groovy start!

Shannen Moser, a country artist from Pennsylvania, has released her second album titled “I’ll Sing”. The album takes inspiration from the farmlands and nature of where she grew up, and features a fusion of folk country/glam. A unique storyteller, take a listen to Moser’s intimate track “Arizona (I Wanna Be Your Man)”.

80s Somali party group Dur-Dur Band have returned to release a compilation album, “Dur-Dur of Somalia”. The album features previously unreleased funk/soul/disco songs, with a unique fusion of traditional Somali music. Take a listen to “Jaceyl Mirahiis”.

Los Angeles based punk “queen” Colleen Green has released new versions of tracks from self-titled 2016 EP. Ingrained with punk sounds, she adds glimmers of pop music to make the songs more appealing to a wider audience. Take a listen to “U Coulda Been an A”.

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