New Music With Steph Liong

New week new music, whats new?

Kicking us off today is experimental American artist, Yves Tumor with his ability to weave between genres without sacrificing quality. Do yourself a favor and listen to his surprise album release “Safe In The Hands Of Love”. While the album fits within the noise genre it sprawls out into everything else. Check out the track “Lifetime”.

Fred Thomas, front man of indie rock band Saturday Looks Good To Me, has released “Altering” which completes his trilogy of albums. Blurring the lines between devastating and funny through the use of a tainted conversational tone, Fred delivers a faint stream of consciousness highlighted in “Altar”.

Last but not least we have Emma Ruth Rundle with her new album “On Dark Horses”. While the album can come across slightly hidden, grungy and twisted it maintains a solid vocal pace throughout the record. Track featured is “Control”.

Monday 17th of September, 2018

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