New Music with Steph Liong

Things may be slowing down in the leadup to Christmas, but the tunes won’t stop as long as Steph has anything to say about it.

Starting off this week is Jeff Tweedy, frontman of Wilco, with his first original solo album, Warm. The album is a companion piece to his memoirs, Let’s Go. In this alt-country exploration of the journeys in his life, he explores the struggles from the passing of his father to his wife’s struggle with cancer, forging something of his own identity after being tied to Wilco for so long.

Next up is Work Like That by YoWo Music. YoWo is a music program out of Victoria that seeks to help girls and gender-non-conforming teens to pursue a career in music, and this record is the debut record from the program.

Last up is The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra with Naming and Blaming, a throwback to Nigerian music from the 70s, blending everything from Jazz to Hip-hop in a fresh take on a style you might not have tried before.

Image: Alterna2 CC BY 2.0

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