New Music with Steph Liong

Julia Carr-Catzel is in-house this Monday with our resident muso Steph Liong, here with the new music for the week.

To kick things off, we’re setting the focus on Melbourne-born Gena Rose Bruce.

Bruce has set sights high with her debut album Can’t Make You Love Me, a deep-thinking and ponderous journey through her last few years.

With smoky vocals and a folk twist Brews has crafted music that is smooth and focussed, with hints of music greats, like Mazzy Star and Angel Olsen.

Next up, Steph introduces us to No Mono.

The duo of two, also hailing from Melbourne have teamed up with their second album, Islands Pt 2, a follow-up to their first album, Islands Pt 1.

And considering the mellow, relaxed tones of Pt 1, Pt 2 is more of an intense, older sister.

A mix of percussive, dense and deep beats, this new album is bouncy and totally re-playable.

And to wrap up, we have The Ocean Blue.

After returning to the scene in 2013, the group has come out with their second album Kings and Queens/Knaves and Thieves

The sound is ocean pop, with lyrical hooks and a jangly edge that is sure to transport you back to Summer.

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