New Show Pretzel Logic On Sunday Nights

SuZen, the host of our new music programs Pretzel Logic, says the show is a musical conversation that could go absolutely anywhere. It’s one hour of songs and sounds that tell stories, evoke images, or make you chill out or vibe up. It’s just got to have lots of heart and a genuine soul.

We asked SuZen some questions to give you a bit more of an idea about the show.

So with a name like Pretzel Logic, I’m guessing we’re going to get a lot of Steely Dan on the show! What other sort of genres and artists can we expect to be featured on the program? 

I am a sucker for a good singer songwriters and beautiful melodies, but I love good old rock n roll, soul funk, pop, world music, am I am developing a great appreciation for jazz.

Do you remember the first album you ever bought? 

Split Enz – Corroboree. I was 12.

What other shows on 2SER do you make sure you never miss? 

I love the Another Angle, Departure Lounge, Chimes, Groove Therapy, The Outpost, When the Levee Breaks, Back to Funk, Hands of Thyme… the list goes on.

As well as being a producer for Stuart Coupe’s program Dirt Music we regularly heard your voice on air in that program as well, will you still be producing for Dirt Music and appearing with some picks of your own on there? 

Yes… someone has to organise that show! Lol.

Is this your first radio program of your own? 


What band or artist would you most like to catch live in 2022 if that’s not being too optimistic! 

How long is a piece of pasta?

It’s clear from the way you discuss the artists that you play that you have a real love for digging deep and learning more about the people behind the music, is there a ‘holy grail’ artist or band you would love to sit down with and discuss their music? 

Elvis, George Harrison, and Patti Smith.

Is Pretzel Logic the best Steely Dan album? Do you have a favourite track of theirs? 

That’s like asking a mother of multiple children to choose her favourite. One thing I will say is that I never ever get tired of listening to Steely Dan. It’s simple and complex at the same time.

A lot of classic rock and associated genres like prog and dare i say ‘yacht rock’ get lumped into the jokingly derogatory genre of ‘dad rock’ yet my experience is that there is a much broader appeal for this kind of music, and I even see a lot of younger people getting into these styles. Do you feel like there will always be a fresh audience for this sort of stuff? 

I am not sure why people deride music and or musical genres they don’t personally engage with, and I am pretty comfortable with the fact that I engage with lots of genres. As my dad would say, “the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same”. Not to mention its somebody’s art… creation… And it is a bit offensive that the term ‘dad rock’ is used to mean lightweight and unimportant. My dad is very important to me, and the importance of dads in general is pretty much accepted today. I can engage with some hectic and confronting music and sounds. I understand who might be considered seminal and I defer to the experts who will have an opinion on all that. I can discern excellent musicianship and I am not shy to attend new confronting, and complex musical performances, or concerts. But what’s wrong with a bit of joy, fun, silliness, or simple beauty if your mood takes you there. Or a sad, sad song that makes you stop, think and feel and empathise with others. What’s wrong with something gorgeous and melodic if it makes you happy?

What’s wrongs with great melodies and great songs? I just wish I had a yacht to play them on…

Tune into Pretzel Logic 8pm Sundays on 2SER or listen back On Demand

Wednesday 12th of January, 2022

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