Non-Alcoholic Beverage Alternative Market Booms

The rise in the non-alcoholic alternative market is disproving the cultural stereotype of Australia being an alcohol loving nation, with this new market said to be worth over 37 billion dollars by 2026. Global SOLA wine opportunity index 2019 produced by Wine Intelligence confirms this with a rise in the opportunity index for non-alcoholic wine and increased awareness of lower alcohol wines in the last year. The growing awareness of the consumer regarding the significant health risks associated with the consumption of alcohol and the ‘health and wellness’ global trend has driven consumers towards healthier product selection. What does this mean for the alcohol market and what are the impacts of this movement? We were joined by Professor Kate Conigrave from Sydney University who chaired the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Working Group, which revised the guidelines to reduce the health risks from drinking alcohol to discuss the implications of this.

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