Noname Drop

Photo by: Chantal Anderson

Welcome to the new music review where we connect you with some of the best new music from around the world. Read on, click through to our Spotify playlist and enjoy it all on 2SER!

Richard In Your Mind – Super Love Brain (Feature Album)

Harouna Samake – Kamale Blues
The Sha La Das – Love in the Wind
Cash Savage and the Last Drinks – Good Citizen
Mutual Benefit – Thunder Follows the Light
Noname – Room 25
Mountain Man – Magic Ship
Allysha Joy – Acadie : Raw

Let’s start with the return of Noname aka Fatimah Warner, who you might remember from her brilliant 2016 debut mixtape ‘Telefone’. First coming into the limelight through her collaborations with Chance the Rapper, she’s been a long time player in the Chicago poetry scene and her time there extends into her music. ‘Room 25’ is a commanding debut album with sweetly fluid hip-hop tunes inspired by neo-soul and jazz. Warner’s free flowing and smooth cadence is the focus here and vibrant as ever.

The new album from Melbourne’s Cash Savage and the Last Drinks was written against the backdrop of last year’s postal plebiscite and around the same time Savage’s wife became pregnant. ‘Good Citizen’ wastes no time. Packed across the album is tensive anger, hurt, weariness but ultimately, Savage calls for empathy and delivers masterfully with a sharp and cutting wit.

And over to Mali, we’ll hear from Harouna Samake who’s one of the country’s foremost Kamale Ngoni players. Having a long history in Afro-pop singer Salif Keita’s band ‘Kamale Blues’ is Samake’s debut solo album — and what a debut! There’s an ageless feel to this record, drawing from Mali songlines and accented by groovy polyrhythms, intricate melodic picking and funk-driven bass lines.

Plus new singles from Buxton, Laura Imbruglia, Adrianne Lenker, Crepes, Body Type, Gallant and Pip Blom.

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