Not News with Cheyne Anderson

Each week we look at some of the terrible news stories that have been eating up the news cycle as well as checking out the one that we should have been paying attention to. This week, Cheyne Anderson came by the studio to talk:

  • Brisbane councillor, Jonathan Sri’s rainbow scarf has taken the media storm out of the Greens Party debacle shadowing the resignation of  Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam
  • Game of Thrones has once again thrown itself centre stage with it’s brand new seventh season. If that’s not enough hype, a special guest appearance by a much loved musician is pushing the viewership even higher!  
  • Sisqo’s revamped the ‘Thong Song’ but it is REALLY worth breaking news headlines  

In Real News:

  • The dangerous day-to-day activities of wild life park rangers are often overlooked. On July 14th a group of journalists and park rangers were attacked at the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in Congo, leaving 5 rangers and 1 porter dead


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