Not News with Cheyne Anderson

It’s the return of Not News with Cheyne Anderson. Not News is when Cheyne takes Nic through all the news that shouldn’t have been in the past week. Cheyne also likes to bring attention to something that the media circus should be paying a lot more attention to.

This week Cheyne was mad at everything Halloween: costumes, decorations, a commercialised scam.

Second, what’s up with all the coverage of Jacinda Ardern’s cat? Nic didn’t mind too much, Cheyne perhaps a bit more.

Finally, Lonely Planet announced that our beloved Canberra is number three on places to visit in 2018, behind Seville and Detroit. What’s so funny Nic?

In a bit of real news, Cheyne was disappointed with the lack of coverage around the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Government’s lack of willingness to speak out against nuclear disarmament.

It can only mean Not News with Cheyne Anderson!

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