Not News with Cheyne Anderson

Pizza controversies, the filet-o-fish, a former Prime Minister and the Government’s rejection for an Indigenous body council.

It’s official. Pizza is has once again caused controversy. Have you ever had strawberries and cheese? A margherita pizza topped with strawberries caused controversy on twitter and ended up making headlines five times on

In more food-as-news a former McDonald’s employee has revealed the secrets of the trade on Reddit, which meant telling people not to eat the filet-o-fish, which is clearly not news to anyone who’s ever made the mistake ordering one.

These days it seems easy for anyone to regain their public relevancy; just write a book! Former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is joining the list of former Prime Ministers struggling for relevancy in the media spotlight. He has released a book ‘Not for the Faint-hearted’ with pages that taste like salt. He made headlines when opened up a forum on reddit. Mr Rudd also claimed to be the ‘Handball God of the Southern Hemisphere’.

While all that was taking up space you may have missed the government rejecting the Uluru statement calling for a formal indigenous advisory body, dismissed by the Indigenous Affairs Minister as “neither desirable of winning acceptance”.