Not News with Cheyne Anderson

Each week Not News runs through three nonsense stories that have been clogging the news cycle and the one we should have paid more attention to. We started with the end of a marriage, and the resulting auction to fund it. Australian actor Russell Crowe held a divorce auction last weekend entitled The Art of Divorce where 227 items, including movie paraphanalia like a jockstrap from film Cinderella Man, were sold for a tidy total sum of $3.7 million.


Another event which got a lot of coverage this week was the grilling of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by US Senators about Facebook’s involvement in data collection and its ability to influence the public mood. What’s not news? The fact that Zuckerberg sat on a 4-inch booster cushion during the 5-hour inquisition.


Of course this week there was also another development in the world of #couplegoals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. British PM Theresa May announced this week that she has not been invited to the much anticipated royal wedding set to occur on 19 May.

And what did we miss? A rather important story that has been broken by Junkee and Honi Soit about Sydney University’s investment of $4 million in arms manufacturers. Check out the full story here.

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