Not News with Geoff Field

In Not News we lament the ridiculous news stories that have been clogging the news cycle this week, and share one story that we think folks should be paying more attention to.

This week was the inaugural Not News with Geoff Field, and we reflected on the fact that Keeping up with Kardashians has been clogging our news feed for 10 years, and that Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas has penned an open letter to Prince Harry calling his beloved sister a ‘‘jaded, shallow, conceited woman” and calling for the Prince to put a stop to the royal wedding. Geoff also asked if the ins and outs of Aussie reality TV should continue to be couched as genuine, bona fide news.

What should we have been paying attention to? The fact that there are 500 million plastic straws used every day that will remain in our oceans forever, never completely decomposing and killing our marine life.

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