NSW lockdown brings mental health to the spotlight

Image:Image: Shutterstock; Karel Cerny

Going into NSW’s 6th week of lockdown, prioritising mental health is vital for individuals. The stay at home order has shown to be more strenuous than any in the past, so ensuring sustained routine and recognising how we can maintain mental stability plays a major role in staying healthy.

What can we do to lighten the load? How can we normalise this period of lockdown and start to loosen the toll that this uncertainty has on our mental health?

Registered psychologist Nancy Sokarno, also known by her brand @psychwithsokz, explores how this lockdown differentiates from 2020 and how we can deal with this.

Produced By: Sarah-Dane Sassin

Featured In Story: Nancy Sokarno, Registered Psychologist

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 17 August 2021

Sunday 15th of August, 2021

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