NTEU Strikes at USYD

The pandemic continues to leave a trail of destruction on the company. No industry was safe from the chaos… Live entertainment, healthcare and of course, education. In universities it has been said that 1 in 5 staff members were fired, leading to some course units and majors disappearing completely. In addition to this, the workload of the fired employees was delegated to the remaining staff, yet despite this, in conjunction with skyrocketing inflation, they did not receive a pay rise. In response to these unfair conditions, the National Tertiary Education Union plans to protest on USYD Campus between May 11 – 12th to demand that these educators are given what they believe to be their due compensation. We were joined this morning is Amy Lamont, founder of an activist group known as Macquarie Students Against Uni Cuts and President of the Macquarie Socialists, to discuss these strikes in detail.

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