Oceania Australiana

If you’re a fan of the expansive realm of guitar driven instrumental music, you’re probably already well acquainted with the cinematic turbulence of Sydney sextet We Lost The Sea.
Their highly regarded and critically acclaimed 2015 record Departure Songs saw the band being rocketed into the stratosphere (heh) and touring through Europe, China and Australia largely playing the album in its entirety. 

With an epic narrative that comes with a thematic concept like Departure Songs weighing on their mind when the band began demo material, they looked for a new chronicle of expression.
One that could be subtle, nuanced and tender like their previous effort – but also in an instant – would let the group paint a tapestry of flashing and thunderous sonic boom.
They didn’t have to look too far, as no matter where you are at the moment, you’re bound to never to escape references to the potential environmental disaster that looms.
So a bleak, barren Australian wasteland, consequence of a global catastrophe seemed like the perfect framing for a WLTS record. A desolate, arid expanse covered by the rippling guitar lines of a band detonating with kinetic energy.

With their new orchestrated cacophony earning the title Triumph & Disaster guitarist Matt came past the 2SER studios to have a chat on The Band Next Door about getting into the head-space to write a new record, creating a visual environment and the label of ‘post-rock’.

Triumph & Disaster is out now through Bird’s Robe Records (Australia), Translation Loss (US), Holy Roar (UK) and Dunk!Records (EU)

We Lost’s The Sea’s 2019 Australian Tour will see them coming through Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth & Melbourne  – All details here.

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