Old school recording equipment

For this week’s Deep Dive we broke into the box marked “Old Recorders”. Inside were various ‘on location’ recording kits, all branded with 2SER logos, and all in various states of road-weariness. What’s so lovely about these is the stories we can imagine they have captured -including analogue cassette, early mini disc, and some very well loved (read: battered) mics and headphones. There’s no real away of knowing exactly what stories each of these kits captured, but if we consider the rough time they were ‘high tech’, we’re guessing at least one or two may have caught some partying from 1999.

It’s really curious to consider if, in the future, we should be keeping a log of what equipment we’re using when we make 2SER radio – would you, the listeners, be interested? Does it matter? And – for former (and current) 2SER content makers – does any of this kit look familiar to you? Can you give us any detail about how these lovely babies worked (and perhaps, any tips about little tricks they needed or quirks they had)?

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