On The Fence: Social Media Authenticity

Let’s be real, social media is pretty fake. From filtered vacation shots to #goals, we all want to show the highlights of life’s roller coaster rather than the lowlights. The virtual world is becoming more and more focused on getting the most likes and comments. But is it possible to be authentic online?
Join Emma and Levi as they find out what side of the fence you sit on. They’ll be chatting about everything from TikTok, to BeReal, to whether authenticity even exists in the real world. Tune in to find out more about:

  • Social media authenticity
  • Do people think they can be real online?
  • TikTok: How real are its reels?
  • BeReal, the app challenging social media inauthenticity
  • Does authenticity even exist?

Don’t miss our interview with Ian Collinson, an expert in social media and our online authenticity. He’ll change everything you thought you knew about how to be real on the internet.

With Thanks To:

Dr. Ian Collinson, Media Lecturer from Macquarie University

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