On The Fence: The Music Industry

You might recognise the catchy tune of a TikTok song, but do you know its name? Music has come a long way since the days of Elvis, Whitney Houston and The Beatles, and one thing’s for sure: social media is having an impact.

The question remains: is the music industry stuffed? With pop hits being generated every week and social media being saturated with new artists, the general public consumes media in an entirely different way to the days of radios and vinyl records.

Join Aaryav and Tara as they deep-dive into the music industry:

Has TikTok ruined the music industry and altered how we view and consume music?

Who are the faces behind the songs we hear, and why do we rarely know the names of the artists making pop hits?

TikTok audios vs the classics: what side of the fence is the music industry on?

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