On the Release of Assange – Wife Stella Speaks Out

Image by Annamarie Reyes. L-R, John Shipton/Richard Assange, Stella Assange (front), Stephen Kenny (Assange lawyer), Gabriel Shipton (Assange’s brother)

On a bright autumn day, Stella Assange fronted a rally in Sydney’s Hyde Park, flanked by Assange’s father, brother and his supporters.

Wife Stella and family wants Australian Journalist Julian Assange released. Still languishing in jail in the UK, he’s indicted by the US for leaking military secrets. Especially on the dirty wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Global media also released Assange’s classified documents from his Wikileaks online platform. 

Stella’s pleas for Assange’s release received a standing ovation during her visit at the Australian parliament this week. Where bipartisan calls are suggesting a diplomatic solution.

Rally Speakers – Stella Assange, John Shipton/Richard Assange – Assange’s father.

Reporter/Producer: Annamarie Reyes

First Broadcasted 25 May 2023

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