An Open Invite From Heather Woods Broderick

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The Budos Band – V (FEATURE ALBUM)

BATTS – The Grand Tour
DJ Yoda – Homecooking
Fat White Family – Serf’s Up!
Heather Woods Broderick – Invitation
Possible Human – Everybody Split
Rose Elinor Dougall – A New Illusion
Squaring Circles – Motion

One thing you should know about BATTS is that she’s a self-confessed space enthusiast, and on her debut album ‘The Grand Tour’, the Melbourne singer-songwriter brings this fondness right on board. Largely based around the 1977 Voyager 1 Mission, BATTS worked with NASA to procure audio samples from the spacecrafts, which she then worked into the record. The legwork extends beyond just liaising with NASA for samples, with a lot more impassioned research going behind these songs and BATTS pinpointing the major events of the mission, then processing that through some really poignant and compelling storytelling.

English turntablist and producer DJ Yoda also stirs up some new, and exciting sounds on his latest, ‘Home Cooking’. Having long dealt in hip-hop, his latest moves further into jazz and soul fields, reflecting the amazing moment these styles are having in the UK of late. Bringing in an eclectic team of collaborators like Theon Cross (Sons of Kemet), Nubiya Garcia, and Henry Wu aka Kamaal Williams, it’s great to see the DJ once again work with live musicians and submit to new challenges.

And American-songwriter Heather Woods Broderick brings us finely rendered, and nature informed folk tunes on her third album ‘Invitation’. There are a handful of baroque-pop updates here that lean heavily into grand piano and lush string arrangements, creating a surging build throughout that’s intense and moving. It’s a vigilantly put together album, and one of the best from this longtime collaborator and bandmate of Sharon Van Etten.

Plus new singles from Lydia Persaud, Clinic, L.A. Mood, and Radiator Hospital.

Monday 22nd of April, 2019

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