Could you be part of invigorating Sydney’s nightlife and turning it into a 24-hour city?

Wouldn’t it be great to see Sydney rival some of the great cities of the world? Think cities that never sleep like New York and Tokyo… That’s the dream City of Sydney wants to realise. They’re putting together a panel of people who work in the nightlife and creative sector (such as professionals in retail, hospitality, music, stage production and more) to advise how to best support a thriving, diverse and safe nightlife.

Councillor Jess Scully says it’s all part of communicating in the right way to a broader audience, and actually getting people involved with council processes so their voice are heard. She explains more about the constant evolution of a city’s nightlife, what Sydney’s still got, and about the distance we still have to go.

If you want to get involved — and the City of Sydney *want* you to be involved — you an apply to join the panel at the City of Sydney website.

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