This week on Across The Park, we are a little flustered. We start with a little recording of the team doing there own theme song, then we discuss our new award (yes, now we are MULTI-AWARD WINNERS) for Excellence in Talks Presenting, 2ser’s Awards Night, LinkedIn, our pigeon hole, our social media presence, we talk about some of our favourite guests from the year, Gaby’s ACL injury update, where the show is going in 2020, we set ourselves challenges, how early people play golf, a terrible Tennis match, Pennant Tennis, WBBL Semi Final and Grand Final winners, MCG’s dodgy trampoline pitch, where we will be for 2020 Olympics, Queensland’s 2032 Olympic Bid, Gaby’s life in America, Russia’s 4 year ban, then we do our most bizarre game to date!

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