PIAC – Parliamentary Committee inquiry into the capability and culture of the NDIA

A Federal Parliamentary Committee is holding an inquiry into the capability and culture of the NDIA, the agency responsible for overseeing the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Over half a million Australians rely on the NDIS for support. But many of those people are reporting difficulties in dealing with the NDIA and getting access to the funding they’re entitled to.

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has represented many people who have been refused support by the NDIA and helped them to challenge the decision to get the funding they need.

In a submission to the inquiry and a recent appearance at a hearing, PIAC has made recommendations about what needs to change at the NDIA, so it better supports the people it was set up to help.

PIAC Senior Solicitor Mitchell Skipsey joined 2SER Breakfast to discuss this important issue as part of our regular segments highlighting the important work undertaken by the PIAC.

Further information is available via the Australian Parliament House website.

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