Pixie Willo Reviews Model Citizen


There is something about the circus that brings out the inner child in all of us and true to form Circus Oz did just that. Mixing the sublime with the ridiculous

Model Citizen both mocks and embraces every part of Australian culture in a risky metaphor of the rituals contained in daily life. Statements such as drowning in debt, playing with fire and being too tied up became amplified by giant characatures of  oversized pegs, nappy pins and even humungous underpants all symbolically layered into an incredible jaw dropping spectacular performance, that is  iconic for circus oz.  This unique new show brings a fresh, exciting and humorous mix to  an  incredibly profound and at times moving experience.
What also becomes apparent when watching this show is not only the hard work skill and dedication reflected in the performance but the cohesion and team work involved with bringing the show together. One such moment was a liberating and powerful guitar solo by the sound engineer Reubin Hopkins. All multi talented creatives in this troop are able to sing, dance, hang upside down, hoop, juggle, play musical instruments and gambol around on stage dressed as cute little sheep, dancing to a soundtrack of experimental dubstep.  The show’s finale of a six person aerial balance on a giant rope ladder strung across the big top could only end in a standing ovation.  The  Principal message behind the show  being that we can all be model citizens if we work equally on the principals of diversity acceptance and human kindness . And these are my kind of model citizens.Circus Oz will be playing in the big top in parramatta’s circus city as part of the Sydney festival until the 28th Januaryand one for all the family. And for those circus gurus and flexible professional Working in the industry, Circus oz will be running a lab exploring circus apparatus from 15-16 January. For more details on all Sydney festival events jump online to the Sydney festival website at Sydneyfestival.org.au

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