Place(ment) Holdings Out Of South Australian Capital

If you’re someone who lives and breathes the term ‘Alternative’ music, chances are you’re already heavily investing into the works of Adelaide band Placement.

Searing thick lines of pulsating guitar filament paired perfectly with the nonplussed vocal stylings and decorated with an unorthodox approach to high-brow aerophore instruments.
The music of Placement is a whirlwind of dynamic divebombing, ringing tonalities conceptual art-rock intrigue. It’s underlying charm being how it presents with a smouldering attitude that is so effortlessly cool, calm and collected despite ignited by the sunspots of noise driven indie-pop.

With their debut three track Lost Sun EP out now through Endless Recordings guitarist Alex took some time out to have a chat on The Band Next Door on 2SER about being in the right place at the right time. Adelaide’s temporal music scene and revitalizing ideas with a new approach to the guitar.

Placement’s Lost Sun EP is out now through Endless Recordings.

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