How do plant-based milks stack up nutritionally?

A generation ago, there wasn’t much choice in the supermarket when it came to milk – it was either cow’s milk, or perhaps a pack of soy milk from a speciality store.

Nowadays, the range of alternative plant-based “milks” is bewildering: there’s milk made from almonds, macadamias, rice, coconuts, oats, quinoa and everything in between.

Last week, representatives from the Aussie Dairy Industry launched a campaign to reclaim the word “milk”, arguing that these plant-based liquids were devaluing milk’s brand.

Whilst most people can spot difference between real milk and plant liquids, there’s still plenty of confusion about which liquid is more nutritious on our cereal or in our coffees.

Clinical dietitian and University of Sydney Research Affiliate Dr Suzie Ferrie joined Nic to breakdown the nutritional facts when it comes to good old dairy milk and the modern plant-based alternatives.

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