Politicians Cashing in on Investment Properties

The past year of Australian politics has been fraught with revelations of MP and Senator misdemeanours regarding the declaration of assets. During last year’s election period Labor minister David Feeney’s negatively geared 2.4 million dollar Victoria home was revealed .Then there was Nationals MP David Gillespie and his failure to register company interests, and even more recently ex-liberal health minister Sussan Ley’s purchase of a Gold Coast Apartment. A purchase made while she and her partner were on a $4000 tax payer funded trip. All MP’s were acting on personal interests without appropriately notifying the public.

While Sussan Ley was forced to resign under the weight of public pressure, the consequences of such actions generally sit in a grey area. Cash’s declaration of her property was 78 days and her mortgage 109 days after purchase, rather than the required 35 days. While this does place her in contempt of the senate, the consequences are unclear. The Daily was joined this morning by to political correspondent for the Age Adam Gartrell to discuss this further.


Producer: Lara HeatonĀ 

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