Protecting Children From Window Falls

Today we are discussing children’s safety in multi-storey buildings. City of Sydney Council website states that “Approximately 80% of residences in the City of Sydney local area are apartments, which is over 5 times the national average”  and according to other reports the amount of families living in apartments is rapidly growing. A 2017 Sydney Lifestyle Study commissioned by Urban Taskforce Australia found 1 in 5 apartment dwellers are families with children.

So, with the growing number of families living in apartments we decided to focus on the safety of children. In March last year  STRATA legislation was enforced to prevent children from falling from windows by ensuring apartments had window child-safety locks.

To find out if this law has helped, our producer Marlene Even decided to ask the man at the forefront of this issue, Dr Sandappan the head of trauma at Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

For more information on window safety:

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