Psychedelic ambient folk – Kevin Purdy’s Self-titled Album

Eclectic Sydney-based musician Kevin Purdy shares with us his 7th self-titled studio album. With a career spanning 40 years and a discography reaching back into the late 70’s, Purdy’s songwriting technique has stood the test of time. His musical journey has travelled through post-punk, indie rock, art rock, jazz, R&B, funk, rockabilly, dub, soul and many points in between. Before going solo in the mid-90s, Purdy played in more bands than you could shake a stick at Aural Indifference, Madroom and the Ocean Stairs being just a few.

Taking inspiration from his lengthy stays in the Australian outback, Purdy’s unique and sincere sound blended with sprinklings of orchestral elements bodes for a must-listen album. Available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Kevin Purdy chats with Wednesday Daily’s host, Nelson Scott.

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