Radiothon 2021 Design by Tess McCabe

The beautiful artwork for the 2021 Radiothon “This Must Be The Place” comes courtesy of designer Tess McCabe. Tess has worked with 2SER on a few previous occasions, , and we were stoked that she was available this year to conceptualise and produce the artwork for our biggest fundraiser of the year, which includes the poster, t-shirt and bumper sticker designs.

Tess says: ‘Music has been a lifeline for me during the pandemic, so it was my pleasure to help a community station like 2SER raise funds and continue to spread the good tunes far and wide.’ 

You can check out Tess’ work on her website, and follow her on instagram and facebook.

To get the limited edition T-Shirt you need to sign up as a Passionate or Super Sub.

We’ve received so much fantastic feedback for the art and we absolutely love it too, thanks Tess!

Sunday 17th of October, 2021

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