Radiothon – The Archive

2SER is now in its glorious 40s, and like all of us who’ve made that milestone, we’ve got a bit of history.

Radiothons during our time on air have kept us going – and we’ve had some excellent help getting it out there.

As part of the 40 years of 2SER celebrations we were able to digitise some of old tapes – including some old Radiothon sounds. Some of these haven’t been heard for decades – so be kind – but also we love the passion – thanks so much to all who have and continue to support us – and for practical assistance from Studios 301 and the Australian Centre for Public History

Radiothon ’91 – choice cuts

“Hawkie says vote 2SER” – come for the nostalgia, stay for the dodgy but well meaning impersonations

“New Voice New Sound” – so funky – and also with only a very slight increase in sub fees.

Legendary writer, broadcaster, producer and theatre-maker Annette Shun Wah telling you what to do

Listen to the Virgin Megastore and some other wonders of the past give us their best. Sadly, that $250 gift voucher is now worth more in the feels than it is in your pocket, though.

Lovely young listener endorsement. Where are you now?

Think Tank Radiothon special on public broadcasting – and they said we wouldn’t last

Speak up – it’s our 12th birthday special! C’mon and join the fun – it’s wholesome sugary goodness. Like fairy bread for your ears.

More great prizes – we have always been a station of cyclists (not a joke – we’re still giving away bikes in 2022). Thanks for all your support!

Ralph Righteous – we were corrupting you then, and still now.



Friday 7th of October, 2022

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