Rebecca Lim’s Tiger Daughter

Today’s episode features Rebecca Lim discussing her own voices YA novel Tiger Daughter.

Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim is the author of more than twenty books. She is an author, a lawyer, an illustrator and editor. Her works include The Astrologer’s Daughter and the Mercy series. Rebecca has been listed for the PM’s literary awards, the Indies and Aurealis awards.

Rebecca has a new book out, today we’ll be discussing Tiger Daughter.

Tiger Daughter

Wen and Henry are friends, drawn together as the children of migrants as well as by shared dreams of escaping their suburban school and its petty racism. 

Wen loves to read and draw but her father sees these are frivolous pursuits. So she and Henry dream of sitting the selective schools exam and escaping to a high school that will nurture their talents and offer them something more.

Their plan is on track, even if Wen hasn’t told her parents, until one day when Henry doesn’t turn up to school.

Join me as we discover Rebecca Lim’s Tiger Daughter…

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