Renewal of 2021 Gai-mariagal Festival

This week is National Reconciliation Week. On The Daily we spoke about one of the many events happening across Australia, which is the Gai-mariagal Festival.

The Gai-mariagal festival is held across the Northern Sydney area and it is held each year beginning on Sorry Day (26 May) and through to the second week of July. The festival -formerly the Guringai festival- was founded in 2001 and includes events such as workshops, talks, weaving, art exhibitions, films, bush walks, and so much more.

To listen and learn about the Gai-mariagal festival, Susan Moylan-Coombes joined The Daily. Susan is the founder and Co-Chair of the festival as well as the Founding director of the organisation The Gaimaragal Group Pty Ltd.

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