Resurrecting The Rock With Widower

In a time when digital components are becoming more of are reliance in the music industry, sometimes it can be hard to find a band that just wants to play and not worry about how an algorithm dictates the song components.

So taking cues from bands like The Dead Weather and The  White Stripes, the young Sydney blues band known as Widower isn’t relying on pop cultured gimmicks, instead the band the band is playing it by ear. Taking rock music back to it’s roots  by writing riffs and melodies that focus on simplicity. Straight from their heat to yours, bypassing all that extra CPU processing power that is abundant in the majority of pop music these days.

Matt and Sarah from Widower came past the 2SER studios to have a chat on The Band Next Door about getting the band together, the stripped back aesthetic of the blues and breaking the rules with Ryan K Brennan while in the studio.
They also performed a live song while in the 2SER studios!

Widower launch their debut EP at The Record Crate in Glebe on Wednesday the 8th November.


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