Return of the Obra Dinn by Lucas Pope Part One

We discuss up to the incomplete end of Lucas Pope’s modern classic mystery game ‘Return of the Obra Dinn’. The highest body-count we’ve ever encountered is a vast challenge as Herds takes the wheel for our second step into interactive fiction. After the titular ship appears, unmanned, off the coast of Falmouth in the UK, you’re sent on as an insurance assessor to find out why the good ship never made it around the tip of Africa, and how it got back with no souls onboard. With a magical pocketwatch, you’re here to solve the death of every single one of the sixty people on board when the ship departed.
We’re also joined by B. Michael Radburn to talk about his latest novel ‘The Reach‘, blending the supernatural with crime fiction, and the masks we put on our monsters in horror fiction. Thanks to regular co-conspirator Sean Britten for joining us with some great monster-related queries.

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