Revisiting Industrial Heritage: The West Gate Bridge Collapse and Re-Purposing Industrial Sites

In this episode of GLAMcity, we return to heritage sites, revisiting Melbourne’s Labour history and the site of the Australia’s worst industrial accident, the 1970 West Gate Bridge collapse with Historians Elizabeth Humphrys and Sarah Gregson.

We then investigate what happens to the remnants of industry once the chimneys stop burning and the mines are closed.

Industrial heritage sites are increasingly re-purposed as cultural institutions and in this episode, Tamson and Anna discuss how industrial heritage sites have been re-purposed in Sydney and in the Ruhr region of Germany. They speak to Laila Ellmoos, an Historian with the City of Sydney and Historian, Stefan Berger, from The Ruhr-University Bochum.

For more information on the industrial heritage sites discussed, check out these case studies:


Eveleigh Carriage Workshop

Paddington Reservoir Garden

Ruhr, Germany:

Zollverein Mining Complex

Gasometer Oberhausen

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