Revolutionary Robotopia: Are our jobs safe?

For our last story on this Friday, we’re going to delve into the world of Robotopia. Yes that’s right- robotopia. Artificial intelligence has been the subject of both casual science fiction fun as well as serious work replacement for decades- incidents have seen robots beat human surgeons at stitching up injured animals while IBM’s Watson is able to process millions of information pieces instantly to answer a human voiced question- not to mention being better at Jeopardy! than its two greatest human players of all time- as was demonstrated in a 2011 exhibition match. BUT- does it have what it takes to be the permanent human work solution? 2SER was joined on the line from across the Tasman is Sean Walsh, a Doctoral Candidate in Robot Ethics at the University of Canterbury.


Produced by Brooke Taylor, Annie Lewis and Hans Lee

Friday 2nd of September, 2016

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