Running Home with The Teskey Brothers

Liam Gough and Brendon Love from The Teskey Brothers, our favourite Melbourne-blues rock band, came back into the 2SER studio for a long-overdue catch-up, celebrating the release of their newest album, Run Home Slow.

Working in a close-knit studio beside renowned producer Paul Butler (who they managed to fly-in from his alternate abode in the US), the group worked for 23 days producing and recording what they see as their most eclectic record to date.

With a surprising mix of inspirations behind the soulful, low-fi rock tracks, recorded on an analogue tape machine for its ‘dynamism’, Run Home Slow is one to listen to, if not to just enjoy the familiar dynamism of the Aussie band and their 60s style.

Listen in to hear more about what the group’s been up to, and what’s behind their latest album release.

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