Safe School Coalition – supporting different sexual orientation and the right to be yourself?

Do you remember what it was like being a teenager? Maybe you’re the parent of some. Your life, your body and your mind in a constant and high speed change racing towards “becoming a grown up”. Family is still of importance but when you start school, friends and social life becomes a huge part of your life. As hormones start running wild some of us discover that we are not attracted to Brad like all the other girls or Angelina – like the rest of the guys.

It is not always easy being “different” and this can sometimes lead to feelings of exclusion and being misunderstood.

The Safe School Coalition Program offers resources and support to students and teachers in order to promote a safe and inclusive environment.

But there has been criticism towards the program saying it raises ´inappropriate´ sexual issues with children. A review of the program was greenlighted by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday after some pressure within his government.

Mitch had a chat with Phillip Spratt who recently joined Safe School Coalition Programs National Steering Committee to find out more about the program and the accusations.

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