Science Spotlight: JWST Orbit Update

It’s time for Science Spotlight. Each week we talk about the big breakthroughs and the unique discoveries made in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

This week marks the last week of Cameron’s updates on the James Webb Space Telescope and its storied deployment…for now. After successfully unfurling it’s innovative sunshield and unfolding its massive mirror, the James Webb Space Telescope is close to its final destination 1.5 million km away from the Earth. But why exactly is it there? Is it just because the NASA scientists liked the number? Cameron has all the answers to these questions in this week’s Science Spotlight on the James Webb Space Telescope.

To find out more about the James Webb Space Telescope, check out its dedicated webpage on the NASA website.

For more science content from Cameron, check out his podcast Stardust MQ.

Image: NASA

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