Science Spotlight: KOI-5 the Trinary Star System home to an exoplanet.

It’s time for the maiden voyage of Science Correspondent Cameron’s new segment; Science Spotlight.

Each week we talk to an expert about the big breakthroughs and the unique discoveries made in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

This week, Cameron chats with Dr. Fred Watson to shine a spotlight on the triple-star system KOI-5 and the exoplanet that orbits one of its stars, KOI-5AB, which was discovered in January this year.

Read up more about the Kepler Mission, responsible for discovering over 4500 exoplanets, here.

To hear more science content from Cameron, check out his podcast Stardust MQ.

Find out more about Dr. Fred Watson’s book here.


Image Credits: Caltech/R. Hurt (Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, or IPAC)

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