Science Spotlight: Pretty Far Out Star

It’s time for Science Spotlight. Each week we talk about the fun facts and big breakthroughs made in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

This one is a massive breakthrough. Late March, Hubble kicked another 6-pointer and discovered the farthest star ever seen in astronomical history. The star existed in the first billion years after the big bang, also making it one of the oldest discovered as well. How was it discovered, and what can we learn from it? Well, Thursday Daily’s own Cameron Furlong joins me now in the studio to answer those questions.

To hear more from Cameron check out his podcast Stardust MQ.

To read more about this awesome star, check out the release from NASA.

Image Credits: Science: NASA, ESA, Brian Welch (JHU), Dan Coe (STScI); Image processing: NASA, ESA, Alyssa Pagan (STScI)

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